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Racing Industries the most dedicated catalytic converter manufacturer

Universal Catalytic Convertor

Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Stainless Steel Flex Pipes

Stainless Steel Mufflers

Utility Mufflers

Stainless Steel Glass Pack

Exhaust Accessories

Utility Mufflers

Stainless Steel Glass Pack

Exhaust Accessories

Our Mission

Let´s Talk About Your Converter

Racing Industries’ primary mission is to ensure that every car owner can afford a catalytic converter and understand its importance; not just because the government said so, but to help protect the environment and improve air quality now and into the future.


Our current production ranges from large orders with a variety of items for regional warehouses and distribution centers, to immediate order fulfillment for small shops.
Most large orders are prepared and shipped to customers within 48 hours of order placement. Small shop orders are usually shipped the same day.


Racing Industries is an EPA-certified emissions and exhaust systems manufacturer servicing the aftermarket automotive exhaust industry. Racing Industries Catalytic Converters have been tested according to the procedures in the Federal Register Volume 51, No. 150. EPA certification number is permanently etched on each unit. Each unit also comes with a warranty as stipulated by EPA.

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