Innovations & Technology

Catalytic Converter Manufacturing

Racing Industries produces over 600 different variations of universal and direct fit catalytic converters to meet the demands of modern emissions control systems.

From constant R&D to our incorporation of premium materials like SS409 stainless Steel bodies and high grade ceramic and metallic substrates in manufacturing, Racing Industries catalytic converters provide maximum coverage for our customer’s needs.

All of our Catalytic Converters are manufactured at our facilities, utilizing the latest technology and catalytic converter manufacturing techniques to ensure we build the best quality product at affordable prices.

Our proprietary wash coats are designed by our engineers and Chemists, and applied to high grade substrates, makes Racing Industries catalytic converters a high standard for reliability.

Steel Processing

Racing Industries processes stainless and aluminized steel coils into the blanked metal of various sizes using an automated blanking system. This system processes steel coil into exact size sheets prior to stamping catalytic converter shells.

Automated CNC cold saws cut tubing. This ensures accuracy and precision while minimizing scrap to ensure our products are built to the highest standards of quality from the earliest stages of production.


Racing Industries utilizes automated mechanical stamping equipment to form shells for each style of a catalytic converter in our portfolio.

Pipe Bending

Racing Industries utilizes both automatic and manual pipe bending systems. We are able to bend pipe diameters from 1.5″ to 3.5″. CNC automated expanders create precise ID sizes for our end pipes to guarantee the best fit possible.


Racing Industries utilizes the latest Seam Welding and Automated MIG welding techniques for manufacturing catalytic converters. MIG welding is used to weld pipes onto catalytic converter bodies. This automated procedure mechanically rotates a catalytic converter body while using gases and special copper wires to weld the pipes.

Seam welding is the latest and most intelligent welding technique used in the production of catalytic converters. The top and bottom shells of Racing Industries converters are seams welded together. This technique ensures the converter body will be air-tight and is also the most cost-effective and efficient welding method today.

Catalyst Formulation

We have created several different grades of precious metal loadings to assure the right Catalytic Converter for every job. As you look through the portfolio of Universal Catalytic Converters we offer, you will find part numbers that are built for each application and meet exacting standards, so that the correct converter is installed every time.

Applies to most older passenger vehicles with no onboard computers. Designed in 10” Oval shape and Racing proprietary treatments.
These Universal Catalytic Converters apply to most passenger vehicles in 49 states (excludes California). Designed with almost twice the precious metal loading of the competitors, keeping the check engine light off on most cars.

These Pre Cats are used in many domestic and import vehicles which have a short manifold converter, right off of the engine block, prior to the emissions passing through the in-line Catalytic Converter(s)

With the prevalence of Ultra Light Emissions Vehicle in the market, we have designed a spun converter for hybrid and ULEV automobiles, that have more complex OBD II systems.

Passenger vehicles form 2001 and up that require Ultra XL Emission Regulation systems. These Catalytic Converters are with Ultra XL loading.

Foreign vehicles including Euro-rated automobiles contain complex OBD II systems.

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