Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Racing Industries is one of the most committed manufacturers of catalytic converters for the automotive aftermarket industry. We build over 600 different variations of catalytic converters to assure maximum coverage.

Our wide range of high-quality and affordable Universal Catalytic Converters has positioned us as an industry leader and earned confidence all over the globe.

Performance Catalytic Converters

Racing Industries High-Performance Catalytic Converters are designed specifically for aftermarket performance applications. The use of these converters will increase horsepower while keeping the MIL light off. Metallic Substrates offer several advantages; withstanding higher temperatures than ceramic substrates and allowing more airflow than traditional catalytic converters for improved results. Available now in multiple CPSI and higher temperature metallic substrates.

Direct-Fit Manufacturers

Racing Industries makes all of its Catalytic Converter components at our local facilities. These components include catalytic converter shells, heat shields, and end pipes, which are also used by other manufacturers that concentrate specifically on direct-fit products. The components are made to easily adapt and fit into the processes of direct-fit catalytic converter manufacturers.

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